Unraveling autism

A multifaceted approach aims to detect, treat and even reverse the disorder.

Depression is rising among teenagers, but diagnosis and treatment have a ways to go to catch up

Anne Glowinski, MD discusses depression and the rise among teenagers, particularly in girls.

Doctors being trained to fill shortage of child psychiatrists

Mini Tandon, DO and Eric Wittrock, DO discuss the nationwide shortage of child psychiatrists.

Dehra Harris, MD receives Distinguished Service Teaching Award

The second year school of medicine students honor Dehra Harris, MD with the Distinguished Service Teaching Award, for her dedication, patience and skill in medical education.

Table of experts: Quality behavioral health for the sake of our region: The time is now

Dr. John Constantino, along with four other experts, discuss quality behavioral health for Eastern Missouri.

News 4 partners with Autism Speaks for Saturday walk

Dr. John Constantino featured on News channel 4 to highlighting the importance of early diagnosis and therapeutic intervention.

Life lessons: Doctor Mini Mental Health

Mini Tandon, MD  is working to destigmatize mental health issues by bringing them front and center.

Researchers assess how autism traits could be passed genetically

A study led by Natasha Marrus, MD, recruits women who had at least one child with autism, and who now have grandchildren, to see how risk for the disorder may be passed through the generations.


New CDC funding will expand knowledge about children with autism spectrum disorder.

New CDC Funding Will Expand Knowledge about Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The Study to Explore Early Development (SEED) will be directed by Dr. Rob Fitzgerald.

The Study to Explore Early Development (SEED) is one of the largest studies in the United States designed to identify and better understand genetic and environmental risk factors for ASD and other developmental disabilities in young children. Washington University, along with colleagues at Mizzou and Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, will join 4 other sites and CDC in Phase 3 of the SEED study which is designed to enroll 2,500 children over the next 4-5 years