Recent Electives by Our Fellows


  • Clinical: Metabolic side effects of Anti-Psychotics
  • Training of pediatric residents in identifying depression and suicide risk
  • fMRI studies of preschoolers at high risk for depression
  • Review of pre-and post-black box warning prescription patterns
  • Alcoholism and Trauma
  • Anxiety and Brain Networks in Young Children
  • Literature Review on Best Practices for LGBT Youth at high risk of suicidal behaviors
  • Screening for psychiatric symptoms at the SPOT –Supportive Positive Opportunities with Teens
  • Analysis of insight in youth with autism
  • Piloting gaze cueing experiments for autism studies


  • Refining of CBT skills
  • Child Abuse identification and management at SLCH
  • Sleep Medicine
  • Child Psychiatry in Peru
  • Schizophrenia precursors
  • Collaborative Care with PCPs
  • Mental Health Series for Neurology Residents