The First Contact Assessment Service is directed by Angela Reiersen, MD.  When the program began in 2006, it initially focused on evaluation of individuals who were showing signs of possible prodromal schizophrenia, but since then its scope has expanded to provide detailed assessment of additional neuropsychiatric conditions. The clinic currently focuses on the following evaluation types:

1) Psychosis Risk Assessment for detailed evaluation of possible emerging schizophrenia and other psychotic spectrum disorders.
2) Psychiatric Genetics Assessment for detailed evaluation of psychiatric symptoms associated with known genetic conditions.
3) Complex Neurodevelopmental Disorder Assessment for detailed psychiatric evaluation of individuals who have two or more co-occurring neurodevelopmental disorders and/or a known neurological condition which may contribute to psychiatric symptoms.

Important information for referring providers: The First Contact Assessment Service generally does not follow patients over time, but provides evaluation reports to the treating psychiatrist and/or other treatment providers. Before making an appointment with the First Contact Assessment Service, patients should already have a treating physician who is willing to provide ongoing treatment.  To make sure those most in need of evaluation can be seen, a screening process is used to determine whether a First Contact Assessment is appropriate.  The referral form (see below link) includes questions to aid in this screening process and to help determine the number of visits required for the assessment. Please complete the referral form and fax it to our scheduling team at 314-396-8266.

Download the First Contact Clinic referral form (doc) »