We see patients in a teaching clinic setting; we function as a team with a specialist physician (also known as an attending physician) directing patient care. There are often psychiatry residents or child and adolescent psychiatry fellows seeing your child along with the attending physician at the time of your visit. Residents and fellows are medical doctors getting advanced training in specialties such as pediatric psychiatry. There may be a period of time, after you have seen the resident or fellow, when you will be waiting before the attending psychiatrist joins the appointment. During that time the resident or fellow is discussing your child’s case with the attending psychiatrist. This may result in longer overall appointment times, but your child’s care will be enhanced by seeing several different doctors in one visit.

Direct care will be provided by residents and fellows under the supervision of the attending. If particular concerns arise between visits, please call the clinic to notify the resident or fellow treating your child. Residents and fellows check messages regularly, but are sometimes at other clinical sites during the week. It is helpful to allow several days for requests such as prescription refills or documentation requests.

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