What new patients and families should expect

Once new patients have either called the clinic themselves, or have had their pediatricians place a referral, our Scheduling Team will help you determine the most feasible option for scheduling your child’s appointment. They are trained extensively with respect to insurance coverage considerations and the expertise of our various providers’ clinics.

Time frame and availability for scheduling an appointment can vary across the different specialty clinics. The staff will assist you with finding alternate services of care when openings for our Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Center are limited.

Visit options:
In-person appointments are available. Depending on your specific clinic, there will be 1-4 Parts to the New Patient Evaluation. The office will communicate which of these will be in-person versus virtual.

For those patients enrolled in MyChart, we also offer virtual, telemedicine visits, in which you consult with your provider using your phone, tablet or computer. Your provider will send complete instructions. Please find below convenient links to paper-forms to return to clinic (psychwuchild@email.wustl.edu), to activate MyChart for our pediatric patients.

MyChart Proxy Application for Parents of Minor Patients- Ages 0-11

MyChart Application for Adolescent Patients- Ages 12-17 (requires return for Provider’s

MyChart Proxy Application for Parents of Adolescent Patients- Ages 12-17 (requires return
for Provider’s signature)

MyChart Proxy Limited Application for Parents of Adolescent Patients- Ages 12-17 (does not
require Provider’s or adolescent’s signature, provides limited access)

MyChart Proxy Application for Parents of Adult Patients- Ages 18+

Pre-appointment paperwork

  1. When the appointment has been scheduled, you will be asked to complete online questionnaires via a website called CHADIS. Instructions for accessing these forms, as well as inviting others (eg. Teachers), are available to download:
    — General Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Clinic HERE
    — Autism Clinical Center (only) HERE
  2. For ALL patients, please also review the Patient Manual HERE, which provides our Clinic overview, expectations, and instructions.
  3. Please visit our FAQs page HERE.
  4. We have additional resources for families available on our resources page

Health insurance plans

The faculty physicians of Washington University School of Medicine participate in several health insurance plans. It is important for you to check your specific plan before you make an appointment.

If you have questions about whether or not our providers participate in your health insurance plan, please feel free to contact our office.