Dedicated access to Mental Health services for WashU employees.

Washington University Psychiatry now offers dedicated access for WashU employees and their dependents. These clinicians are part of the WUDirect benefit. Note: WashU Psychiatry may not always be able to schedule within the 14-day window, but the WUDirect discounted co-pays or co-insurance are offered to WashU employees enrolled in the university sponsored health plan.

Our therapists take a goal-oriented, actionable approach to assisting with various social, emotional, or behavioral challenges you or your family member may be facing. Some of the typical presenting struggles employees or dependents may seek therapy for include chronic or situational stress, anxiety, depression, persistent relationship conflicts or unhealthy behaviors you would like to change. Appointments usually occur once a week to every-other-week and last for approximately 60 minutes. 

This therapy program is designed to be short-term in nature and many people find therapeutic benefit in around six to 16 sessions. Your provider will check in periodically regarding your progress and the potential need for a referral to a long-term community provider. On or around session 12, your therapist will collaborate closely with you to find a long-term therapy provider.

For Appointments:

Call 314-286-1700 or visit WashU Psychiatry