Researchers assess how autism traits could be passed genetically

A study led by Natasha Marrus, MD, recruits women who had at least one child with autism, and who now have grandchildren, to...

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Preparing teenagers for college

Paul Glaser, MD, PhD, recommends that parents ask their college-bound children how they feel about the approaching changes in their lives.

New CDC funding will expand knowledge about children with autism spectrum disorder.

New CDC Funding Will Expand Knowledge about Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The Study to Explore Early Development (SEED) will be...

Advice for parents on teaching kids to work as a team

Dehra Harris explains how parents can help their children shift perspectives to better understand teammates and losing.

Advocating that parents teach their daughters to be brave rather than perfect

Dehra Glueck says the main difference is that brave daughters are raised to take risks rather than trying to be perfect....

The crisis within: How toxic stress and trauma endanger our children

Joan Luby and Cynthia Rogers share their research on brain development, depression and poverty in a special report examining toxic stress in...

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Addressing racial disparity in autism treatment

Dr. John N. Constantino, MD, shares his perspective in this op-ed.

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Weak brain connections may link premature birth and later disorders

A study led by Cynthia Rogers comparing MRI scans of the brains of 58 full-term babies with those of 76...

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Why girls are diagnosed with autism less often than boys?

Dr. Natasha Marrus discusses the latest developments in the field of autism research

How can parents talk to their kids about Ferguson?

Young children may be frightened by the images they see on the news, Cynthia Rogers, MD, has observed. It’s important...