Darin Quach, DO

Chief Resident 2022-2023 Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Hometown:  Los Angeles, CA

Undergraduate:  University of California, San Diego

MD/DO:  Michigan State University

Residency:  Washington University in St. Louis

Outside Interests: Watching and playing sports, fantasy football, romantic comedies, and movies in the fantasy genre

Professional Interests: Affective disorders, interventional psychiatry, inflammation/nutritional psychiatry

I greatly benefited from training in the Adult Psychiatry Program here and had exposure to Child Psych during my third year in the outpatient setting. I enjoyed being able to work closely with attendings who prioritized clinical care and graduate medical education. While they excelled at research in their respective fields, they never hesitated to offer guidance whenever I needed anything. As I transition into fellowship, I’m extremely pleased that my training continues to be prioritized and I would not hesitate to choose this program again.