Our fellows are offered research electives that are mentored by expert faculty. Those eligible are offered more intense and concentrated research training within the fellowship experience of clinical training in child psychiatry.

The Psychiatry Residency Research Program (PRREP) is led by Dr. Nuri Farber, Training Director of the General Psychiatry Program, and Dr. Ginger Nicol.

PRREP is not a specific training track (with a separate ACGME program number) to which applicants must apply prior to joining our program. Rather, it is a training path available to any trainee in our program. Trainees who do not wish to pursue such an intensive research experience may select research for one or both of their selective blocks during PGY2 or for any of the 4 months of their PGY4 elective time. Trainees desiring a more intensive exposure to research may be able to participate in one or more additional years of research training as research fellows. Applicants who are interested in PRREP are encouraged to indicate such interest at the time they apply so that we can be prepared to discuss the interest during the interview process.